IAA & Diversity.com Partnership

About the Partnership

Diversity.com - Single 60-Day Posting

(For Current IAA Members Only)

With the IAA's official partnership with Diversity.com (niche job board), the IAA is sponsoring your first 60-day job posting at NO COST. Along with this posting, you can be part of the IAA's network of providers dedicated to considering diverse candidates for open positions. 

Attracting well-educated, qualified, diverse candidates is highly competitive. It's not unusual that recruiting hard to source talent can take longer than 30 days. We recommend taking advantage of the exclusive Diversity.com posting features described below.

Included with the job posting on Diversity.com:

  • Swap: Use edit to replace an active posting with a newer posting any time prior to 60-day expiration. Only 1 job can be advertised at any time.
  • Unlimited resume search on Diversity.com (only)
  • No limit on the length of job descriptions
  • Edit postings online/real-time as needed
  • 60 days of nationwide diversity hiring outreach

If you are a current IAA member, your first DIversity.com posting is FREE! 

For general questions related to the IAA Diversity.com Partnership, contact jobs@investmentjobs.org.

The Process

Four (4) Simple Steps to Your FREE Diversity.com Job Posting

Step 1: Create your profile on the IAA Career Center. This profile will be used for selecting job posting packages on the IAA Career Center website in addition to selecting your interest in posting your position on Diversity.com. 


Step 2: Select the Package: IAA Member: Diversity.com - Single 60-Day Posting

Job Posting Packages

Step 3: IAA staff will review and confirm your request and send your information to the Diversity.com team who will reach out to you to coordinate your job posting. Look for an email from jobs@diversity.com to begin this coordination. Depending on timing, a response may take several days to receive; please check your spam folder. Thank you for your patience. 

Step 4: Work with the Diversity.com team to create your Diversity.com profile and post your first job AT NO COST

About Diversity.com

Diversity.com is a niche job board that is a 100% African American family owned small business headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We strive to provide a means for diversity employers to find the best candidates for any job position, with a particular focus on attracting talent in the science, technology, education, and medical fields.

If you are a diversity employer looking for highly qualified candidates post your job listings with Diversity.com, today. If you are a talented individual looking for an inclusive workplace, submit your resume today and move forward with a new career with some of America's best diversity employers.

Diversity.com are not recruiters, and have no knowledge of how appealing your job(s) might be to candidates. Diversity.com does not have demographics to provide identifying specific underserved groups based on education, skills, experience, geography or otherwise. Furthermore, they are not consultants. Diversity.com does not offer advice, guidance or assurance your company's outreach strategy will provide the results desired.